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9.  11.Jan.2018  American Farm Bureau Federation approved this policy in Nashville, TN
8.  01.Nov.2017  Revised proposal, added resolution. 
7.  10.Jan.2017  Revised proposal, added suggestion to support Congressman Sam Johnson of Texas Social Security Reform Bill.  Sent to Congressman Pat Meehen.
6.  06.Jan.2012  Congressman Joe Pitts responded to the following proposal.
5.  17.Nov.2011   
Could you please review this proposal which I sent to Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey, and to Congressman Joe Pitts.   Do you see any flaws in the concept, or the reasoning?   -- Don Ranck

Proposal to extend Social Security and Medicare 30 years into the future at no new cost to taxpayers:

 Whereas Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid make up more than 80% of the Federal Budget, and
Whereas Social Security is predicted to become insolvent within 15 years without major changes, and
Whereas the changes scheduled (such as gradually rising retirement age) are inadequate to prevent insolvency, and
Whereas further changes to prevent insolvency are very hard to get passed by the federal government, and
 Whereas the age-70 cap on actuarially-neutral  increases in benefits encourage all eligible beneficiaries to apply for benefits by age 70, and the cap discourages those who do not need the benefits to take them anyway by age 70, and
Whereas those who have paid in to Social Security the maximum amount in the last 40 quarters (ten years) of their working careers, currently stand to collect over $4500 per month, which would be saved if they chose to delay benefits, now therefore be it
Resolved that the Social Security Administration remove the age-70 cap on actuarially-neutral increases in deferral of Social Security Benefits and allow the actuarially-neutral increases to accrue through age 114, encouraging those who do not need Social Security benefits by age 70 to not take the benefits, (more like an insurance policy, instead of  a pension,) totally voluntarily accepting benefits if and when needed, and not costing one dime more than current costs, but potentially saving significantly for future generations, and further
Resolved that responsible citizens initiate a national campaign to encourage those who can defer taking benefits unless/until needed, which would save over 14% of the Social Security Trust Fund if just 5% of the wealthier recipients deferred.

 Here is a longer description of the concept:
 Proposal to extend Social Security and Medicare 30 years into the future at no new cost to taxpayers:
 Congressman Sam Johnson of Texas has introduced legislation to keep Social Security solvent for the future. If that legislation does not pass, or even if it does, here is a proposal that could help with no tax increase or forced reduction in benefits.  Many people nearing age 62 see Social Security benefits as a pension.  But we would do better if we instead saw those benefits as an insurance policy, as it was designed.  This is a proposal to extend the life of Social Security for those who may need it into the next generation and beyond.  An internet search of the law shows a history of many changes in the past 75 years, particularly changes in the calculations used to provide monthly payments to eligible recipients.
Currently the cap on increasing Social Security income deferred to age 70 provides 32% more than at age 66, and 57% more than at age 62, based on eligible recipients income of their last 40 quarters of earnings. Where did that cap originate? If the cap was removed and the actuarially-neutral increase was allowed to rise indefinitely, those who didn't need the payments could defer longer for a considerably higher future potential benefit, if ever needed, and the actuarially-neutral increase would not cost taxpayers a dime more. If this voluntary program would attract just 5% of eligible recipients who could afford to defer, over 14% of the fund could be saved annually, extending the life of Social Security more than 30 years, without any other changes in the law.
This proposal has never been tried before, so far as we have been able to find.  The concept is to provide enough incentive to those who can afford to defer beyond age 70.  The longer that eligible recipients defer, the greater the savings to SSA, and the reward for deferring is larger payments if they ever do begin taking payments.  Currently there is a 25% penalty for starting payments at age 62, and a 32% reward for deferring payments to age 70, but there is no reward for deferring beyond age 70.  This creates a strong incentive to ALL eligible recipients to start taking payments by age 70 even if potential recipients do not need them.  Currently, according to the Social Security Administration, 55% of eligible recipients start at age 62, and less than 1% start at age 70, and the average monthly payment is nearly $1200 per month, but the maximum is over $4500 per month, depending on last 40 quarters contributions.  The longer the deferral, the greater the payment would be, creating an incentive to continue deferring that is greater than the incentive to start taking benefits!.  The key is to remove the age 70 cap, and to encourage eligible recipients to defer if they can.  By age 75 average payments would cover some Assisted Living if needed (min. $4k/month) and by age 85 payments would cover some Nursing Care (min. $8k/month).  Extending the actuarially-neutral annual increase beyond age 70 may be enough incentive to extend the life of Social Security, but may need federal legislation to implement.  Extending the age at which SSA payments are initiated by eligible recipients would likely also reduce Medicare costs as well, because most of those who would defer SSA benefits would likely be entrepreneurs and business executives who, if able to continue working, would continue creating jobs for others and thereby increase payments into the SSA and Medicare systems through those additional wages and salaries.   
Please consider this proposal.  I would be happy to answer any questions.  Let's get a federal campaign under way to encourage those who can afford to defer to do so beyond age 70!
Don L. Ranck            

4.  Please declare a BURN BAN!  --  R.B.  09.Sep.10  Note:  We agree that the dry conditions warrant extreme caution, a Burn Ban Ordinance requires a lot of bureaucracy and time and continues for 30 days even if it rains. 
3.  The History of Paradise Township (8.) needs some additions and corrections, concerning how Paradise was named and early families and tracts, and some minor spelling.  -- K.E. 03.Mar.10  (edited 03.Mar.10)
2.  Please put speed limits on the southern end of Cherry Hill Road.  I walk that road to get to my cousin's house, speeders make it very dangerous.  -- L.C.  27.Jan.10
1.  You list scouting info., please also list 4-H info.  --  H.R. 30.Jan.10

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