Paradise Township Residential Curb-Side Recycling Plan

The Paradise Township Board of Supervisors developed a municipal recycling plan and adopted a recycling ordinance in collaboration with the Lancaster County Municipal Waste Management Plan.  The recycling plan sets forth criteria for a curb-side recycling program, the benefits of which are: 
1. To conserve natural resources
2. To reduce the amount of waste needed to be landfilled
3. To be convenient to residents

Licensed Hauler Program

The township's plan requires all refuse haulers serving residential units and multi-family dwelling units (4 units and above) within the municipality to be licensed for the collection of recyclable materials.

Haulers are not required to provide collection services to non-residential establishments, including farms, municipal, commercial, industrial, institutional, or community activities.

Designated Recyclable Materials

Persons who elect to participate in the recycling program shall place glass and plastic bottles, and aluminum and steel cans, commingled in a recycling container which will be provided by the township.

Newsprint must be placed in paper bags or tied in bundles and placed on top of or adjacent to the recycling container.  

Burning Ordinance

Paradise Township prohibits the open burning of recyclable materials, which include: clear and colored glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum and steel cans, newsprint, tires, and white goods (appliances).  If you have any questions about this program, please call the Township Office at 717-768-8222.

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