Paradise / Leaman Place Fire Company
  Meet 1st Monday 7:30pm

     Neil Hershey:     President
     Jerry Garver:     Vice President
     Glenda Worst : Secretary          Jenae Knosp:   Assistant Secretary
     David B. Stoltzfus: Treasurer     Ben Beiler: Assistant Treasurer

     Pat Cosgrove: Chief 47                               Ben Beiler: Fire Captain 47-1
     Drew Wenger:   Deputy 47                         Jonas Fisher: Fire Captain 47-2   
     Jamie Knosp:   Assistant 47-1                   Patrick McFadden: Lieutenant 47
     Jonas Fisher:    Assistant 47-2               

      Mike Worst:   Fire Police Captain 47-1      Richard Neff:  Chief Engineer    
              Richard Neff: Safety Officer 47-1      Clint Yonce:   Rescue 47 Engineer
Ivan King    : Safety Officer 47-2         Carl Hall:       Engine 47-2 Engineer

              Ben Beiler: Water Rescue Captain 47-3
              Trustees:  Reuben G. Stoltzfus, Chair     Richard Neff
                                  Jerry Garver     Daniel Beiler     Josh Knosp
               Chaplain: Jennie McFadden


   Kinzer Fire Company
                Meet 1st Monday 7pm

Nick Summers:    President
Jake Brubaker:   Vice President               Bob McGelrath:       Chaplain
Elmer Esh:         Secretary                      John David Allgyer: Financial Sec't.
Sam Stoltzfus:   Treasurer                      Curtis Lapp : Ass't. Treasurer

Doug Brubaker:      Chief  45                                         Trustees:
Simeon King:           Deputy Chief  45                           Eli Blank
David Anderson:    Ass't. Chief   45                             David Ray Stoltzfus
                                                                                              Sam Stoltzfus
             David R. Stoltzfus:    Captain1                         George Anderson
             Reuben Beiler:           Captain2                         Reuben Beiler 
             Steve Stoltzfus:     Lieutenant1 
             Jake Brubaker:      Lieutenant2     
             Eli Blank:                  Lieutenant3
             Chris Keeney:               Engineer 
             Amos Beiler, Jr.:         Engineer 
             John Mark Stoltzfus:  Engineer

             Elmer Stoltzfus:          Safety Officer
             Jim Horst:               Fire Police Captain

Our homes and property are protected from fire through the dedicated services of the Paradise/Leaman Place and the Kinzer volunteer fire companies.  Fire protection as well as ambulance services are provided by the neighboring Gordonville Fire Company.  These fire companies are staffed by men and women from our community.  We encourage you to support them in any way you can.  If you are interested in becoming a fire company volunteer, call the township office at 768-8222, or contact either fire company.  We also encourage all residents to place our house numbers on our front door or on a post at the end of our driveway on a  luminescent green and white sign so that our property can easily be located in the event of an emergency.

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